About Arieh Tal

Arieh Tal has been a botanical photographer, amateur botanist and plant educator for the past 30 years. Most of his images are close-ups of plant characteristics that can be helpful for field identification. He has taught dozens of workshops on plant identification, wildflower propagation and nature photography, and has led many field trips in New York and New England.  He is currently a member of the Finger Lakes Native Plant Society.

All of his images have been created using traditional SLR camera systems that feature exchangeable lenses and a sturdy tripod. In 2008, he began using digital cameras, and has never ventured back to film photography. His current mainstay is a Canon Digital Rebel, equipped with a macro lens and 3 zoom lenses of different lengths.

Unless otherwise noted in the section of this website on the flora of the gorge at Buttermilk Falls State Park (NY), all images were created on site, within the area surveyed during field surveys.  Refer to the documents page for more information.


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