Your Native Plant Society in the Finger Lakes

We are an organization located in central New York, founded in 1997, dedicated to promoting the appreciation of our native flora. We hold free public field trips throughout the year and free indoor programs during the colder months. Members receive our newsletter, Solidago, and participate in a seed exchange, a spring native plant sale, and a December celebration of native plants.

We are meeting in person again and have revised our Protocols and Guidelines. Please read them here. COVID Safety Related Protocols are required for all FLNPS Walks & Rambles and are listed in the walk announcement. Click here for map of our meeting location.

The January 2024 FLNPS meeting was recorded and can be viewed below or in YouTube by clicking here (But first please check the errata & species page here.)

Recordings of September 2020 through November 2023 Zoom & hybrid meetings are available by clicking here for a list of past events. (The September '22 & December '22 & '23 meetings were not recorded.) The recordings are embedded in the meeting announcement along with a YouTube link if you prefer to go direct.

Norm Trigoboff Getting a close look at moss on a winter walk

Steven Daniel Fruit of Hamamelis virginiana at Powder Mill Park, Monroe Co. NY

Steven Daniel Elymus riparius in winter, Ontario Co. NY

Steven Daniel Alnus glutinosa (European alder) mature fruit in Monroe Co. NY

Rick Lightbody Cooperation on winter plant ID at the Solstice meeting.

Steven Daniel Corylus americana fruit, taken in Powder Mills Park, Monroe Co, NY

Preservation of Native Plants for Future Generations

FLNPS is primarily an educational organization, with programs for experts and those who have just discovered native flora. We organize talks, walks and other activities related to conservation of native plants and their habitats. We also organize education and activities on threats to our native flora, including invasive plants and insects and their control.

Learn more about invasive plants.

Gardening with Native Plants

FLNPS is not a native gardening organization, but encourages the use of ethically propagated native plants in private and public gardens. Many members are gardeners, who collect seeds and spores from private lands and propagate seedlings for our annual spring sale. Please explore our list of Finger Lakes natives suitable for gardens, plus a short list of non-native garden plants you can safely include or should avoid.

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Larch Meadow Flora (Topic)

Talk • Tuesday7:00pm


Fireflies (Topic)

Talk • Tuesday7:00pm

Non-FLNPS Events

There aren't any at the moment. Please do check back later. Talks are monthly, September through May.