PRI talk: Spores, Seeds, and Survival: Living Fossils and the World of Plants


Tuesday, February 12, 2019 - 6:30pm




Tompkins County Public Library, 101 East Green Street, Ithaca


Paleontological Research Institute


Panel Discussion, Free as part of 2019 Darwin Days – Living Fossils,February 9 – 16

Come experience the wild world of evolution through our annual celebration of the life and ideas of Charles Darwin. "Living Fossils" is the theme of the Paleontological Research Institution’s 2019 Darwin Days celebration, taking place during the week of February 9-16, 2019. How have some living things survived unchanged for millions of years? Discover the fascinating stories behind the plants and animals that time forgot.

Co-sponsored with Cornell University, Darwin Days features a week of events. See link above.