Haudenosaunee Plantways, Past and Present


Tuesday, April 19, 2022 - 7:00pm




ZOOM - The recording is available below.


Neil Patterson & Catherine Landis, SUNY ESF Center for Native Peoples and the Environment


This presentation will explore Haudenosaunee relationships to plants from biocultural, linguistic, and historical ecology perspectives. For thousands of years, Indigenous people have practiced sophisticated plant science. They relied (and rely) on plants in local forests, wetlands, meadows, and crop fields for food, fuel, medicine and much more. They also helped to shape these habitats to augment productivity of useful plants. We'll close by discussing possibilities for the field botanical community to get involved supporting land justice and access to traditional plant species.


Suggested readings and activities mentioned in chat:

"Basic Call to Consciousness"  https://goodminds.com/products/basic-call-to-consciousness-1981 

The Three Sisters - eCommons@Cornell https://ecommons.cornell.edu/handle/1813/3621

Is the book, The Red Deal familiar?  Are your ideas related?

Events mentioned in chat:

Mother’s Day. Planting at Ganondagan https://ganondagan.org/

If you’re interested in the Bioblitz that was mentioned, you can write Catherine cllandis@syr.edu  (note that there are lots of BIoblitz events, sponsored by many groups. The ones in this talk are specifically on the Nations' lands. There have been, and will probably be, bioblitzes in the Ithaca area, but they will not be on Haudenosaunee land.)

Niel's contact nvpatter@esf.edu


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