Moss, Vernal Ponds and Bog Walk


Saturday, April 30, 2022 - 1:30pm




Lime Hollow Nature Center, gps 42.5626, -76.2473


Norm Trigoboff


A walk with something for all enthusiasts! Meet at 1:30 in the small parking lot on Gracie Rd (see map below). Bring a hand lens. An easy walk on sometimes wet, but level ground.


COVID-related safety precautions

If you are feeling ill, or have a fever, or have recently tested positive for COVID-19, please do not attend the walk!  (NOTE: If the walk announcement indicates attendance is limited, and if you have pre-registered for the walk, then if possible, give the leader/organizer some advance notice that you'll not be attending, in case there is a wait list.)

We strongly recommend that you bring with you a well-fitting face mask of the N95, KN95 or KF94 type.  There may be times when it's advantageous for the group to gather closely together, to examine small specimens.  Correctly wearing such a mask at these times can afford some protection for both you and other members of the group.  You are also welcome to wear a mask at any time during the walk.  Please note that masks are no longer required at FLNPS outdoor events, due to recent changes in pandemic conditions and in related public health guidance.  FLNPS does, however, reserve the right to reinstate mask requirements for other walks in the future, in response to changing conditions, guidance, and regulations.

Risk management agreement

By participating in this FLNPS event, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

All activities such as those offered by FLNPS involve some degree of physical risk to participants, despite the reasonable and prudent efforts of FLNPS organizers to reduce risks.  Such risks, especially of illness, may be greater during the COVID-19 pandemic, despite appropriate COVID-related safety precautions required and/or recommended by FLNPS organizers.  By participating in this event, you agree to assess and manage, to the best of your ability, all risks of injury, illness, and other harm to which you and others in your party are exposed.  In the unlikely event that you or any others in your party sustain injury, illness, or other harm during or as a result of this FLNPS activity, you agree to hold FLNPS and its organizers harmless to the fullest extent permitted by law.