Working Garden Visit Series - #3 Late Summer in Richford & Ithaca


Saturday, August 12, 2023 - 10:00am




2 gardens in Richford & Ithaca. Details will be sent to members with May mailing. Nonmembers should contact for details.


This year FLNPS will host several open native garden visits. Unlike traditional Open Garden Days, these gardens are not all picture perfect, nor are they 100% native. They are works in progress, some new, some older, some more formal, some restored meadows. They are gardens whose creators are trying to incorporate lots of native plants within their own esthetic. Most will be self-guided; a couple will have posted tour times. Be sure to check each date for details:  Aug 26, Sept 9.

August 12: Gardens open 10am-3pm - all self guided.

Krissy Boys,  Richford, NY 13835: A combination vegetable, traditional and native garden on a horse farm amidst lovely hills. “Garden of Eden” is one description of the result. Every inch is filled with something interesting, and the many natives are blended right in with everything else. Krissy is the gardener at Cornell’s Mundy Wildflower Garden, so can expect to see a wide range of native species. Self-Guided.

Gin Mistry, Ithaca, NY 14850: This garden has both formal and natural areas. A formal rock garden and a perennial garden blend with swaths of woodland natives. Ferns are a specialty. Click for a list of ferns here. Wet areas, including a planned pond surrounded by meadow, and efforts to remove lawn throughout are in progress. Loads of spring flowers will evolve into a fern-filled shade area with lots of native shrubs, trees and sun lovers by late summer & fall.Visit again to see the difference. Self-Guided.