Short Talks by Members


Tuesday, January 16, 2024 - 7:00pm




Cornell Botanic Gardens' Nevin Center, 124 Comstock Knoll Drive, Ithaca AND Zoom/Recording


FLNPS Members - see below


Speaker order and approximate location on the recording:

Flora of Ladakh - Meena Haribal (start of recording)
A Short Tour of Flora from East Africa - Linda Uhll (19:59)
Larch Meadow Rediscovered, a Scenic Overview - Arieh Tal (47:47)
Bruce Peninsula & Manitoulin Island - Rosemarie Parker (1:06:06)
Integrating Native Shrubs and Wildflowers into a Perennial Agriculture System on Three Story Farm in EcoVillage at Ithaca - Lisa Ripperton (1:20:56)
Highlights of NYFA Walks Looking at Yellow Mountain Saxifrage in a Tug Hill Gorge - Robert Wesley (1:47:52)


The recording can be seen on YouTube by clicking here.  Or view directly below.

Please see the errata and species lists below the video.

R Parker species with text missing or incorrect in recorded slides:

Houstonia canadensis (bottom of slide 12)
Castilleja coccinia - red (Bruce) & orange (Misery Bay) -(off the top of slide 15)

Polystichum munitum SHOULD be Polystichum lonchitis per Robert Wesley (slide 17)

FR Wesley species list, in order:
Saxifraga aizoides
Primula mistassinica
Viola lanceolata
Drymocallis arguta (Potentilla arguta)
Crocanthemum canadense (Helianthemum canadense)
Pellaea glabella
Lonicera hirsuta
Neottia cordata (Listera cordata)
Thuja occidentalis
Linnaea borealis