Annual Plant Sale with Cornell Botanic Gardens


Saturday, June 1, 2024 - 10:00am




Cornell Botanic Gardens' Plant Production Facility, 397 Forest Home Dr. (opposite Flat Rock)


Since the Cooperative Extension Spring Sale will again be held on a Friday (not good for volunteer staff or customers) and at the Farmers' Market (not good for large numbers of plants), FLNPS will be having our spring sale with Cornell Botanic Gardens as we did last year. Unfortunately, the sale cannot be until June 1st, due to end-of-semester student and staff constraints. SOOOOOO, please save some of your purchases for our sale, where we will have loads of native plants including some shrubs and trees. The offerings are from members' gardens and propagation efforts, as well as propagation at Cornell for/from the Mundy Wildflower Garden. In addition, there will be assorted annuals, herbs, and perennials from the Botanic Gardens' horticultural efforts on sale.