Moss Walk at Watkins Glen NOW IN DRYDEN!


Saturday, May 4, 2024 - 12:30pm




Rail Trail - Schug Trail parking lot on Lake Rd 12:30 (see below)


Norm Trigoboff


Learn to identify common mosses and hope to find unusual ones.  

Parking/meeting: Carpool with us from the CCE, or meet us at the southern end of the UPPER ENTRANCE: 3310 Route 409 (Station Rd.), Watkins Glen.   Or find us at 42.373 -76.8917. There is a loop road off 409 with the Glen Mountain House at the end, if that helps.

Parking/meeting: Carpool from the CCE on Willow St. Ithaca at noon, or meet at the Schug Trail parking lot on Lake Rd at 42.4545, -76.2619 at 12:30.

In case of rain within 24 hours of the walk, the walk will be postponed until May 11, same time, same place. Check the website prior to leaving for the walk!