Working Garden Visits - Western Finger Lakes


Sunday, August 25, 2024 - 10:00am




3 gardens in Geneseo. Details will be sent to members with June mailing. Nonmembers should contact for details.


FLNPS will host two open native garden visits this year. Unlike traditional Open Garden Days, these gardens are not all picture perfect, nor are they 100% native. They are works in progress, some new, some older, some more formal, some restored meadows. They are gardens whose creators are trying to incorporate lots of native plants within their own esthetic. Most will be self-guided; a couple will have posted tour times. Be sure to check each date for details: July 21 & Aug 25. 

EVERYONE IS INVITED, not just FLNPS members!

August 25 - Geneseo

Ellen Hanafin - My yard is a work in progress with the goal of making a more bird, bug and bee friendly space by gradually adding in native plants and shrubs. I'm trying to strike a balance between my love of chaotic greenery and the tidy aesthetic of the neighborhood.

Whitney CarletonVillage home with boulevard, side-yard, and backyard native NY plantings ranging from full sun to full shade and rotating blooms all growing season. A mix of established and newly planted gardens with straight, native NY species as well as garden areas with active turnover to native species.  Backyard has 18-year-old no-mow section where owners are slowly establishing native species via smothering grass or planting directly into overgrown turf, includes small seep wetland.

Erin Hanafin Sweeney - Description coming!