Spring Flora at Hoxie Gorge


Saturday, April 20, 2013 - 9:00am to Sunday, April 21, 2013 - 8:45am




Hoxie Gorge


Mike Hough


Hoxie Gorge, a new addition to the Old Growth Forest Network, boasts a diverse spring flora. We’ll see Hepatica, blue cohosh, violets, barren strawberry, a few sedges, Amelanchier and perhaps Trillium in flower. We will follow the Finger Lakes Trail down into the gorge for a round trip of about one mile. Moderate difficulty; the terrain may be steep in places. Meet at CCE at 9 am to carpool. Contact Anna for more information: 379-0924.


Plant list below.  Photos courtesy of Betsy Darlington.






Plants Seen at Hoxie Gorge on FLNPS Walk 4-20-2013

Michael Hough, leader


Acer rubrum

red maple

Acer saccharum

sugar maple

Alliaria petiolata

garlic mustard

Allium tricoccum

wild leek

Anemone acutiloba (Hepatica nobilis var. acuta, Hepatica acutiloba)

sharp-lobed hepatica

Betula alleghaniensis

yellow birch

Betula lenta

black birch

Cardamine diphylla

two-leaved toothwort

Cardamine pensylvanica

Pennyslvania bitter-cress

Carex pedunculata

pedunculate sedge, long-stalked sedge

Carex plantaginea

plantain-leaved sedge

Caulophyllum giganteum

giant blue cohosh

Chrysosplenium americanum

American golden-saxifrage

Claytonia caroliniana

wide-leaved Spring beauty

Conium maculatum

poison hemlock

Coptis trifolia (C. groenlandica)


Dendrolycopodium dendroideum (Lycopodium obscurum var. dendroidium)

prickly tree clubmoss

Dendrolycopodium obscurum (Lycopodium obscurum)

flat-branched tree clubmoss, princess pine

Dicentra canadensis

squirrel corn

Dicentra cucullaria

Dutchman’s breeches

Diphasiastrum digitatum (Lycopodium digitatum)

southern ground cedar

Dryopteris intermedia

intermediate wood fern

Dryopteris marginalis

marginal wood fern

Dulichium arundinaceum

threeway sedge

Epifagus virginiana


Erythronium americanum

trout lily

Fagus grandifolia

American beech

Fraxinus americana

white ash

Galium sp.


Geranium robertianum

herb Robert

Huperzia lucidula (Lycopodium lucidulum)

shining clubmoss

Hydrophyllum virginianum


Luzula acuminata

hairy woodrush

Mitchella repens


Oxalis montana (Oxalis acetosella)

common wood-sorrel

Polystichum acrostichoides

Christmas fern

Prunus serotina

black cherry

Quercus rubra (Q. borealis)

northern red oak

Ranunculus sp.


Taxus canadensis

American yew

Tiarella cordifolia

heart-leaved foamflower

Trillium erectum

red trillium

Trillium grandiflorum

large-flowered white trillium

Veratrum viride

false helibore

Viburnum lantanoides (V. alnifolium)

hobble bush

Vinca minor

periwinkle, myrtle

Viola rotundifolia

round-leaved yellow violet

Waldsteinia fragaroides

barren strawberry

Listening to Mike Hough describe flora