Chemung River Valley (Joint program with the New York Flora Association)


Sunday, May 15, 2016 - 12:00am to 11:45pm




Chemung Co., NY


David Werier


We will return to the beautiful Chemung River Valley, a site we last visited in 2012. This time we will be a little earlier in the season and can catch the spring wildflowers. We will spend the day botanizing an upland site off of the Chemung River, near Chemung, New York. The area is not only beautiful it is rich botanically, with many southern species occurring no where else in central New York or even the whole state. Some species of interest that we may encounter during this outing include Allium cernuum (nodding onion), Amelanchier amabilis (lovely shadbush), Carex siccata (dry-spiked sedge), Galium pilosum (hairy bed-straw), Lathyrus ochroleuca (pale vetchling), Paronychia fastigiata (hairy forked-chickweed), Ranunculus alleghaniensis (Allegheny butter-cup), Quercus ilicifolia (scrub oak), Q. prinoides (dwarf chestnut oak), Vicia caroliniana (wood vetch), Viola subsinuata (palmate-leaved violet), and more. A carpool will leave Ithaca at 8 AM. We will meet near Chemung, NY at 9AM and depart from near Chemung at 4 PM. Pre-registration is required. To register and for questions contact David Werier (Nakita[at]