Bluebells and Other Spring Beauties


Saturday, April 30, 2016 - 9:00am to Sunday, May 1, 2016 - 8:45am




Bement-Billings Farmstead Museum trails in Newark Valley


Ken Hull


Ken was excited to show us a large population of Virginia Bluebells which includes the white-flowered form as well as the usual blue. Other spring flowers abound at this site, including Claytonia virginica and Viola striata. 



Wow, tons of bluebells! The natural area at this museum is small, and infested with many invasive species.  But at this time of year the native species are easily seen. The Virginia bluebells were extremely dense, as was the false Hellebore, indicative of a nice floodplain.  Below is a list of species seen the day after the FLNPS walk by S. Lorbeer and R. Parker.
































Species seen at Bement-Billings Farmstead Museum in Newark Valley 5/3/2016

Acer negundo var. negundo

box elder, ash-leaf maple


Acer rubrum

red maple


Acer saccharum var. sacharum

sugar maple


Agrimonia gryposepala



Alliaria petiolata

garlic mustard

 not native, invasive - in bloom

Allium tricoccum

wild leek


Amelanchier sp.

shadbush, Juneberry, serviceberry

 in bloom

Artemisia vulgaris


 not native, invasive

Calystegia sepium

hedge bindweed

 not native

Cardamine concatinata

cut-leaved toothwort

 in bloom

Cardamine diphylla

two-leaved toothwort

 in bloom

Cardamine pratensis

pink cuckoo bitter-cress

 in bloom

Carpinus caroliniana

musclewood, American hornbeam


Carya ovata

shagbark hickory


Chelidonium majus


 not native

Claytonia virginica

Virginia Spring beauty

 in bloom

Clematis virginiana

virgin's bower


Cornus amomum

silky dogwood

blue fruit

Crategus sp.



Dicentra cucullaria

Dutchman's breeches


Echinocystis lobata

wild cucumber

old fruit, seedling

Elymus sp.

wild rye


Erythronium americanum

trout lily

 in bloom 5/3/16

Fallopia japonica

Japanese knotweed

not native, invasive

Floerkea proserpinacoides

false mermaid weed

 in abundance!

Fragaria virginiana

wild strawberry

 in bloom

Fraxinus americana

white ash


Galium mollugo

wild madder

not native 

Geranium maculatum

wild geranium


Glechoma hederacea

creeping charlie

 not native, in bloom

Gleditsia triacanthos

honey locust

 not native

Hesperis matronalis

dame's rocket

 not native

Hydrophyllum virginianum

Virginia waterleaf


Impatiens sp.

jewelweed, touch-me-not


Juglans cinerea



Lamium purpureum

purple dead-nettle

 not native

Laportea canadensis



Lonicera sp.

shrub honeysuckle

not native, invasive

Lysimachia ciliata

fringed loosestrife


Malus pumila

apple tree

 not native

Mertensia virginica

Virginia bluebells

 in bloom

Persicaria virginiana



Platanus occidentalis



Podophyllum peltatum


 in bloom

Populus deltoides

eastern cottonwood


Populus tremuloides

trembling, quaking aspen


Prunus serotina

black cherry


Ranunculus abortivus

kidney-leaf buttercup

 in bloom

Ranunculus repens

creeping buttercup

 not native

Rhus typhina

staghorn sumac


Robinia pseudoacacia

black locust 

not native

Rosa multiflora

multiflora rose

not native, invasive

Rumex obtusifolius

broad-leaved dock

 not native

Salix nigra

black willow


Carex sp.

sedge, clump, narrow leaves

flowering 5/3/16

Symplocarpus foetidus

skunk cabbage


Taraxacum officinale

common dandelion

 not native

Thalictrum pubescens

tall meadow rue


Tilia americana

American basswood


Ulmus americana

American elm


Verbascum thapsus


 not native

Veronica filiformis

slender speedwell

 not native

Viola sororia

common blue violet

 in bloom

Viola striata

creamy violet

 in bloom

Veratrum viridae

false helebore


Vitis riparia

riverbank grape


Zizia aurea

golden alexanders