Members Night


Wednesday, January 18, 2017 - 7:00pm to Thursday, January 19, 2017 - 6:45pm




Unitarian Church Annex, Buffalo St. Ithaca - second story


Show some slides or artwork, read a poem, ask a burning question, explain your latest plant-related theory or discovery.  This event provides you a chance to share your "phyto" stuff (tangible and otherwise) with your fellow members.

Members Night Needs YOU!

The annual FLNPS Members Night, begun in 2015, has proven to be quite popular.  Attendees have enjoyed the variety of the presentations and the chance to learn about their fellow members' interests and talents. (See the link above for intriguing reviews of the two instances so far.)  So we'll do it again this coming January. And of course we'll need your help! If you like to take photos, paint, draw, write poetry (or read the poems of others), do needlepoint, sing and play music, tell stories, or do anything else with a plant-related theme that you think others might enjoy, please come and share your talents and enthusiasm with us. You can make a presentation or bring interesting objects for the exhibit table.

The more participation we have, the more fun this evening will be. Rick Lightbody will once again be coordinating the program and making sure there's time to fit everything in. If you'd like to do a presentation (or a mini poster presentation at the exhibit table), please let Rick know of your interest and intentions as soon as possible. See below for details of communicating with Rick, and further below for more info on the exhibit table.

When and how to contact Rick

If your presentation will run more than five minutes:
Contact him as soon as possible; but at the latest by December 31

If your presentation will run less than five minutes:
Contact him as soon as possible; but at the latest by January 9

Email address:
Email subject:   FLNPS Members Night

Please tell him as much as you can about the following (even if you haven't completely finalized your plans):
- subject of presentation
- format of presentation
- any technical support needed (e.g., video projector, sound system, etc.)
- estimated length of presentation
- any preference for your position in the evening's sequence (no guarantees)
- your email address and phone number
- any other info you think is important

To help you plan ahead

Rick will be requesting that you send him two things during the week leading up to Members Night:
1. a brief bio for inclusion in the Members Night program; and
2. a copy of your digital presentation (photos, PowerPoint, etc.), if you plan to use such.
Instructions about these things (including some guidelines for PowerPoint stacks) will be sent to you after your initial contact with him.

Exhibit table

Consider bringing interesting plant-related items to be included on the exhibit table.  Items may be arts and crafts, peculiar seed pods, cartoons, etc.  For self-explanatory displays, there's no need to let us know in advance, unless your item is bigger than a breadbox or can't sit on a tabletop.  (If so, contact Rosemarie at  But do please come ten or fifteen minutes before 7pm, to make sure your item gets set up the way you want it to. You may wish to include a small card with your name and perhaps an identification or brief explanation of the item.

If you'd like to do something more like a scientific poster presentation (where you actively explain details to the exhibit viewers), we welcome that at the exhibit table too.  In that case, please let both Rick and Rosemarie know of your plans as early as possible, and no later than the January 9
deadline mentioned above.

We look forward to seeing you at the third annual Members Night.  Help us make it as fun and fascinating as the first two!