Gentianopsis crinita

Large populations can be found, especially in wet ditches or seasonally wet successional fields, but only in places where its many requirements are all met. In other words, not widespread, but there can be a lot nearby if you find one. The Ithaca area has several known (and protected) populations. This is a rather large plant, up to 3 ft high, but can be hard to spot. The flowers open in sunlight, and close at night or on cloudy days. The dark colored buds are easily overlooked. Bienniel. There is a small fringed gentian, G.virgata, endangered in NYS that looks very similar. It is found mostly to the north and west of NYS, and is much smaller (6-18").

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Common Name(s): 
greater fringed Gentian
Herbaceous Plants - Annuals, Biennials, Perennials
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