Hepatica acutiloba

Found in woods and valleys, usually white but pink and blue forms can be found. Taxonomically close to European species, and many of the deeply colored forms in cultivation are from European stock. The scientific name keeps changing - FLNPS tries to use the NYFA Atlas taxonomy.


Hepatica can take 1-2 yr to germinate, so moss and weeds are common. Hepatica has bluish tinge, reddish stem. Violas show true leaves faster!
R Parker

Plant Information

Common Name(s): 
Sharp-Lobed Hepatica
Alternate Scientific Names: 
Hepatica nobilis var. acuta
Anemone acutiloba
Herbaceous Plants - Annuals, Biennials, Perennials
Part Shade
Humus-rich Woodland
"green" in winter
Recommended for gardening
Used in traditional 19th century gardens

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