Oenothera guara

Biennial guara, also known as biennial bee-blossom, is listed as native status "unknown" in the NYFA Atlas. The Native Plant Trust (GoBotany) states that while native in the eastern United States, it is considered introduced to New England. It is usually found here in disturbed habitats (road and stream sides) or popping up in gardens and field edges. Typically just a few plants are seen, and they may not persist. It is a component of tall grass prairies and useful for bees and moths.

Plant Information

Common Name(s): 
biennial gaura
Alternate Scientific Names: 
Guara biennis
Herbaceous Plants - Annuals, Biennials, Perennials
Native Region: 
East US
Part Sun
Part Shade
Attracts butterflies/pollinators
Can be weedy

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