Abbott Loop Ramble


Saturday, September 24, 2016 - 10:00am to Sunday, September 25, 2016 - 9:45am




Abbott Loop, Finger Lakes Trail


Torben Russo


Join Torben Russo, aspiring rambler, on a 3 mile section of the Abbott Loop Trail in the Danby State Forest. We will meet at 10 O'clock at CCE or at the trail head on Michigan Hollow Road at 10:30am. The trail head is roughly 2.5 miles in on the right hand side of Michigan Hollow Road (on the right, coming from Ithaca) from Danby Road (96b). There is an obvious pull-off for it. The road turns to dirt and is dirt at that point.If you're a bit of an explorer but would like less of a walk, you can drive to the trail head a little farther up on Hill Rd. (about 3 miles from 96B) and meet there around 10:45 or so.Take Danby Roady (96B) to Bald Hill Road (it's just before Michigan Hollow Road on the right coming from Ithaca). Bald Hill Road becomes "Hill Road" on some maps, on others, continues to be Bald Hill Road. (There's a spot where there's a sharp right hand turn (this then becomes Station Road) and heads hard down hill towards Rte. 34. You don't want to go that way!) Continue straight (you'll still be on Bald Hill Road) onto what looks like a tertiary dirt road...but it will continue going up hill. There is limited parking on the left at the trail-head underneath Hemlocks.    Please bring a lunch/snack/water and we'll rest and botanize at Thacher's Pinnacles where a picnic table and beautiful view await us along with a unique ecosystem. At the most, this could be a 4.5 mile ramble. You can cut it down considerably depending on where you'd like to start, and the trail is well marked with roads nearby. Please refer to the wonderful website for more information about the area.   


We definitely had some wonderful feedback from the folks that went along for the ramble! It was fun and, while it was a bit longer than many of our walks, the group was full of energy and excitement as we surrounded each-other with questions and answers about plants along the way. The weather was great. We certainly found some interesting habitats along the way - seeps, riparian zones, hemlock groves, mixed hardwood forest and of course the unique habitat upon Thatchers Pinnacle. There's also the CCC era pine plantings on the way down from the Pinnacle. See the link here for the route (and elevation).  The list of plants seen is below.


Plants Seen on Abbot Loop 9-24-2016

Scientific Name

Common Name


Acer pensylvanicum

striped maple, moosewood


Acer rubrum

red maple


Acer saccharum

sugar maple


Actaea pachypoda

white baneberry, doll’s eyes


Adiantum pedatum

maidenhair fern


Ageratina altissima

white snakeroot


Agrimonia gryposepala

tall hairy agrimony


Alliaria petiolata

garlic mustard

invasive NN

Amelanchier sanguinea

round-leaved shadbush


Amelanchier sp.

shadbush, serviceberry


Amphicarpaea bracteata

hog peanut


Anaphalis margaritacea

pearly everlasting


Antennaria plantaginifolia

plantain-leaved pussytoes


Aralia nudicaulis

wild sarsaparilla


Arctium lappa

greater burdock


Arisaema triphyllum ssp. triphyllum

common jack-in-the-pulpit


Athyrium filix-femina

lady fern


Betula alleghaniensis

yellow birch


Betula lenta

black birch, sweet birch


Bidens cernua

nodding beggar's ticks


Carya ovata

shagbark hickory


Castanea dentata

American chestnut


Cichorium intybus


at base, NN

Clematis virginiana

Virgin’s bower


Clinopodium vulgare

wild basil


Clintonia borealis

bluebead lily


Collinsonia canadensis



Comandra umbellata ssp. umbellata

star toadflax

dried up

Comptonia peregrina



Conopholis americana



Convallaria majalis


NN, naturalized

Cornus alternifolia

alternate-leaved dogwood


Corylus cornuta

beaked hazelnut


Crataegus sp.



Dendrolycopodium obscurum

flat-branched tree clubmoss


Dennstaedtia punctilobula

hay-scented fern


Diervilla lonicera

northern bush honeysuckle


Diphasiastrum digitatum

running pine


Epipactus helleborine



Erectites hieracifolia


Bald Hill Rd

Erigeron annuus

daisy fleabane


Eupatorium perfoliatum



Eurybia divaricata

white wood aster


Euthamia graminifolia

grass-leaved goldenrod


Fagus grandifolia

American beech


Fragaria virginiana

wild strawberry


Fraxinus americana

white ash


Galeopsis tetrahit

hemp nettle


Galium circaezans

wild licorice


Gaultheria procumbens



Gaylussacia baccata

black huckleberry


Geranium robertianum

herb robert


Geum canadense

white avens


Hamamelis virginiana



Helianthus divaricatus

woodland sunflower


Hemerocallis fulva

orange daylily

NN, Bald Hill Rd

Hepatica nobilis var. acuta

sharp-lobed hepatica


Hesperis matronalis

dame's rocket

NN, Bald Hill Rd

Huperzia lucidula

shining clubmoss


Impatiens capensis

jewelweed, touch-me-not


Juniperus communis

common juniper


Leersia virginica

white grass


Leucobryum glaucum

white pincushion moss


Lindera benzoin



Liriodendron tulipifera



Lonicera canadensis

American fly honeysuckle


Magnolia acuminata

cucumber tree


Maianthemum canadense

Canada mayflower


Maianthemum racemosum

false Solomon’s seal


Malus pumila

wild apple


Medeola virginiana

Indian cucumber root


Melilotus albus

white sweet clover


Mitchella repens



Oclemena acuminata

whorled wood aster


Onoclea sensibilis

sensitive fern


Osmunda claytoniana

interrupted fern


Ostrya virginiana

hop hornbeam


Picea abies

Norway spruce


Pilea pumila



Pinus resinosa

red pine


Pinus strobus

eastern white pine


Polygonatum pubescens

downy Solomon's-seal


Polygonum virginianum

jump-seed, Virginia knotweed


Polypodium virginianum

rock polypody

on tree

Polystichum acrostichoides

Christmas fern


Populus grandidentata

big-tooth aspen


Potentilla simplex

old-field cinquefoil


Prunella vulgaris



Prunus serotina

black cherry


Prunus virginiana

choke cherry


Pteridium aquilinum



Pyrola cf. elliptica



Quercus alba

white oak


Quercus montana

chestnut oak


Quercus muhlenbergii

chinquapin oak


Quercus rubra

northern red oak


Rhus aromatica

fragrant sumac


Rhus typhina

staghorn sumac


Rosa multiflora

multiflora rose

invasive NN

Sambucus canadensis

common elderberry


Sassafras albidum



Solidago bicolor



Solidago caesia

blue-stemmed goldenrod


Solidago flexicaulis

zig-zag goldenrod


Solidago rugosa

rough-stemmed goldenrod


Sparganium sp.



Symphyotrichum laeve var. concinnum

narrow-leaved smooth aster


Symphyotrichum lanceolatum

tall white aster


Symphyotrichum lateriflorum

calico aster


Symphyotrichum novae-angliae

New England aster


Symphyotrichum prenanthoides

crooked-stemmed aster


Symphyotrichum puniceum

swamp aster


Thelypteris noveboracensis

New York fern


Tiarella cordifolia



Tilia americana



Tsuga canadensis

eastern hemlock


Uvularia cf. grandiflora

large-flowered bellwort


Uvularia sessilifolia

sessile-leaved bellwort


Vaccinium angustifolium

lowbush blueberry


Vaccinium pallidum

early lowbush blueberry


Vaccinium stamineum



Veronica officinalis

common speedwell


Viburnum acerifolium

maple-leaf viburnum


Viburnum lantanoides



Viburnum lentago



Vinca minor


invasive NN

Vitis aestivalis

summer grape


Vitis riparia

riverbank grape, frost grape


NN= Non-native/naturalized