Penstemon digitalis

Penstemon digitalis is considered to be native to the central Mississippi basin, but widely naturalized through the eastern half of North America. It is fairly common in successional fields and roadsides, especially moist ditches. No invasive tendency although it reseeds readily. It is distinguished from the native P. hirsuta by larger size, purple streaks on inner tube and open throat. The native P. pallidus has a gradual widening to the tube (abrupt in P. digitalis) and ridges in the throat. Non-native P. calycosus is also naturalized in our region. See GoBotany for a quick list of distinguishing features amongst the four species.

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Plant Information

Common Name(s): 
Foxglove Beardtongue
Herbaceous Plants - Annuals, Biennials, Perennials
Native Region: 
Midwest US
Part Sun
Part Shade
Can be weedy
Recommended for gardening

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