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Volume: 10
Issue Month Summary
10:2 March, 2009

Hemlock Wooley Adelgid arrival in Finger Lakes; FLNPS at the Ithaca Festival; Profile: Indigo bush, Amorpha fruticosa; Myrmica rubra, the European red ant found in the NE; Tardigrades, a moss inhabitant; poem "The Woods Again"

Volume: 9
Issue Month Summary
9:1 February, 2008

 Usnea & Balsam Fir in Shindagin,  FL-PRISM, Cullina moss & fern book review, conifer walk, grassland management

Volume: 8
Issue Month Summary
8:4 December, 2007

Woodwardia virginica - Joe O'Rourke; New England WIldflower Society seeds; Name That Plant (Polygala pauciflora, Lilium) - David Werier; Ode to Little Bluestem - Rosemarie Parker; Annual Solstice preview; Microstegium removal (review of year 4) - Charlotte Acharya; Native Plant of the Month: Quercus, the Oaks - Dan Segal; Campanula aparinoides at Tully Lake - Susanne Lorbeer; Review of  David Werier’s talk, “Biodiversity…Lessons from Reznicek’s Sedge….” - Rosemarie Parker; Impressions from the Panel Discussion, 20 November 2007--quotes collected by Rosemarie Parker from various attendees & participants; Guided Mushroom Walk by Dr. Timothy Baroni - Melanie Kozlowski;  Rain Gardens, a neat idea for a new mixed bed - by Rosemarie Parker   

Volume: 5
Issue Month Summary
5:3 October, 2004

Carex backii newly documented in Southern Finger Lakes NY; Profile: Sedum telphioides, Actaea (Cimicifuga) racemosa; report on aster and goldenrod walk at Monkey Run