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Volume: 16
Issue Month Summary
16:4 December, 2015

Black Locust Trees, A Slightly Controversial Topic (Akiva Silver); Insect Larval Associates of Black Locust (Robert Dirig); Name That Plant Contest :Low Bindweed (Calystegia spithamaea) (David Werier); Letters (Julia Miller: Spiranthes, Don H. Miller, Colleen Wolpert Turk's Captur Lily & Swallowtails, & Mary Weiss-Andersson); The Bailey Hortorium Herbarium Needs You! (Anna Stalter); FLNPS Is Now on Facebook (Anna Stalter); Wild Gardening New at the Mundy Wildflower Garden: Native Plant Restoration of The Gabions Area (Krissy Boys); Photo Essay: Faces in the Forest! (Norm Trigoboff & Annie Wall); Upcoming FLNPS Talks & Activities: Annual Solstice Gathering (Rosemarie Parker, FLNPS Members’ Night (Rick Lightbody)

16:3 September, 2015

Butterfly Pollinators of Eastern North American Lilies (Richard M. Adams, II, with Robert Dirig); Name That Plant Contest ginseng(David Werier); FLNPS Participates in the New England Botanical Club’s 120th Anniversary Celebration (David Werier); Frost Grape (Vitis riparia) (Robert Dirig); It’s So Bad, It’s Good! (Cliff Brake / Scott LaGreca); Importance of Leaf Distribution in Identification of Species (Arieh Tal)

16:2 June, 2015

Subspecies of Jack-in-the-Pulpit (Arisaema triphyllum) in Central New York (Michael Hough); Agrimonia parviflora in Name That Plant Contest (David Werier); Letters (Stanley Scharf, Steve Daniel); Quercus dandlyonii (Rosemarie Parker); The 2015 Spring Plant Sale; Remembrance: Merry Jo Bauer ; Wild Foods- Common Hackberry: The Most Under-rated,Incredible, Edible Tree (Akiva Silver); Essay- Do Plants Dance, Prance, and Wear Pants? (Norm Trigoboff); Review- Ithaca Native Landscape Symposium, March 2015 (Gin Mistry & Rosemarie Parker); Ecology- The Three Hackberry Butterflies of the Finger Lakes (Robert Dirig); Save Our Ashes (Anna Stalter); Winged Giants of Night, Rarely Seen, But Common (Robert Dirig)

16:1 March, 2015

January Members’ Night recap (R Parker); Name That Plant Contest (D Werier) Red Oak & Agrimony; Letters  (C Wolpert & A Silver/Sumac followup, S Daniel); Drawing - Snowdrops (Ernst Koie); Eating Chestnuts (A Silver); A Poetic Photo Essay - Nettles, including butterfly associates (R Dirig); Spreading the Natives — Sharing Seeds and Plants for Education (R Parker), Ganondagon State Historic Site, Cayuga Nature Center; Poet’s Corner - Sycamore on Six Mile Creek (K Hull)

Volume: 15
Issue Month Summary
15:4 December, 2014

Staghorn Sumac: Plant Profile & Rhus Recipes [butterflies & beetles & uses of](R Dirig); Name That Plant -  Hibiscus moscheutos (D Werier); Letters (C Wolpert, JF Cryan,& R Ludgate); False Earthstars Addendum - see Solidago 15:3 (R Dirig); Illustration of Tiffany Sumac Window; Native Plants and Food (A Silver); Outing Polson Preserve (G Mistry, N Goldberg, & JD Knapp); ESSAY The Potential Role of Epigenetics in the Origin of Regional Ecotypes [grasses, Monarda, Solidago](HW Gardner); A Poetic Puzzle - Elvenscript [Lichen](R Dirig)

15:3 September, 2014

False Earthstars, Astraeus hygrometricus (Pers.) Morgan (R Dirig); sugar maple(D Werier); Haunts of the Hollow Hickory (N Trigoboff); Oh! Starry Earth, watercolor, Polytrichum & Cladonia (N Cleavitt); Like Bees? Grow Allium cernuum (R Parker); The Benefits of Bare Root Trees; apple, mulberry, persimmon (Akiva Silver); Book Reviews: Field Guide to the New England Alpine Summits (Slack & Bell, reviewed by N Trigoboff); Bumble Bees of North America (P Williams et al) & Where to Find Damselflies and Dragonflies in the Cayuga Lake Region (M Haribal, both reviewed by Bill Evans); Larval Jack-in-the-Boxes: Silver-spotted Skipper, Spicebush Swallowtail (R Dirig)

15:2 June, 2014

Richard Fisher Environmental Conservation Award & oak planting ceremony; Cornus florida; goodbye to Charlotte; request for FLLT gardener; Common Butterwort (Pinguicula vulgaris); Onondaga Lake Bioblitz, history of the lake and botanical richness; Shingled Rock Shield -Xanthoparmelia viriduloumbrina illusration; historic 1882 Botany exam; red summer flowers; Cherry Gall Azure (Celastrina serotina) & Harvester Butterfly (Feniseca tarquinius), ERIOPHYID MITES (Phytoptus cerasicrumena;  Sustainable Tompkins award; National Moth Week; Ithaca Native Landscape Symposium report-Daryl Morrison, Robert Grese on historic landscaping, Tom Whitlow on salt marsh restoration, Mark Whitmore on Emerald Ash Borer & Hemlock Wooly Adelgid, Karen Gabrielson garden at SUNY Orange, Katherine Wolf project at Niagra, Jim Engles garden at Lagoon Park Canandaigua, Rick Manning on Cayuga Waterfront Trail, Dan Segal on favorite natives for gardens, Heather Connelly on native bees, Janet Allen on pollinators, Tim Noon on controlled burns

15:1 March, 2014

Hardy butterflies (mourning cloak, eastern & grey comma, Compton's & Milton's tortoiseshell); Caulophyllum giganteum; Athyrium species sori & sporangia; Autumn dandelions (Taraxacum)and Sulphur butterflies (response to 14:4); Solstice meeting report & winning recipe (lemon dumplings with elderberry sauce); White pine blister rust & ribes (currents, gooseberries) with photographs from Cornell Plant Pathology Herbarium; Plant Profile-Mayapple; Issues with Soil & Water Conservation Sales: species selection (natives, invasives).

Volume: 14
Issue Month Summary
14:4 December, 2013

Dandelion, Taraxicum officinale, as a food source for Sulphur butterflies, life cycle of local sulphurs (R. Dirig); Hypericum ascyron (name that plant - D. Werier); coir vs. peat for soil-less mix (letter to ed.); Diploschistes gypsaceus - A Crater Lichen New to New York State, Scott LaGreca; American persimmon, Diospyros virginiana (A. Silver); American Plants for American Gardens by Edith A. Roberts & Elsa Rehmann, book review (William Plummer); Yucca Moth (poem, R. Dirig & drawing, John F. Cryan); Calico Aster, poem by K. Hull; NY DEC Proposal for invasive species (A. Stalter); Hemlock Wooley Adelgid, HWA in Six Mile Creek.

14:3 October, 2013

Bluebottles, Fringes, & Bumbling Bees:Gentians in the Finger Lakes; The cost of [Peat] Moss; A Super-Sassafras Leaf; Maple-leaved Viburnum; A Fascinating Fungal Find (Ophiocordyceps clavulata or “Bug Sputnik”) at Hammond Hill/Park Preserve walk; Status Report-Stilt Grass at Six Mile Creek; Autumn Turtlehead; Smilax herbacea

14:2 July, 2013

Skipper butterflies and Showy Lady -slipper (Cypripedium) orchids, white forms  of Cypripedium reginae & C. acaule, report on Ithaca Native Landscape Symposium: Don Leopold - Sampler of Native Plants, Tom Rawinski - White Tailed Deer, Andy Cole- Effect of gas drilling on the environment, Joy Kuebler-SITES & LEEDS programs ("green" building & landscapes), Carl Schwartz-stabilizing stream beds, Chris Lajewski- Montezuma Wetlands, Dan Segal-"Big Horticulture", Jonathan Comstock-Effects of Climate Change on Native Plants, Amy Samuels- Onondaga Lake reclamation plans, Rick Manning-Historic Use of Native Plants in Landscapes;  talk report Bernd Blossey on Deer and Invasives; Book Review: RM Beck's The Journey at Malloryvill Bog; Commitment, Teamwork and Tenacity...; Butternut Squash with Cranberry-Apple Quinoa - winning recipe from Solstice Gathering 2012, Iris haiku; historic photos of Arthur J. Eames and L.H. MacDaniels at Eames Preserve.

14:1 March, 2013

twig structure; photo essay-ferns at Clark Reservation; white (blue) lobelia;  report on Michael Hough talk -Vascular Flora of Cortland & Onondaga Counties, NY; hepatica image; Nyssa sylvatica and Hebrew moth.

Volume: 13
Issue Month Summary
13:4 December, 2012

Winter greens & reds; 2012 Andrews foray report, Berkshire county MA (bryophytes & lichens); Seneca Meadows Wetland preserve trip report; lichens at McLean Bog Preserve; tribute to William Dress; Hayscented Fern vs. Vinca. 

13:3 October, 2012

Caywood Point, FLNF - history, natural history and walk report; Changes in local liverwort flora; Ferns in Treman Park; Cryptograms and insects at Chemung Pine Barrens

13:2 April, 2012

Fossombronia sp in Central NY; Flora of the Chemung Pine Barrens; Spring Wildflowers of the NE, a Natural History (book review); Rambunctious Garden: Saving Nature in a Post-Wild World (book review); Native Plant Gardening Symposium Synopsis

13:1 February, 2012

Actual issue is 13:1 and date is Feb 2012 - incorrect info is on the document!  New to the Cayuga Lake Basin Flora: Chamaecrista fasciculata, Carex siccata; Butterflies & flora of Goetchius Wetland Preserve; Celastrus scandens; Haiku; Orchid hunting 

Volume: 12
Issue Month Summary
12:4 December, 2011

New sighting of seaside goldenrod, Solidago sempervirens in Tompkins County; buttonbush, Cephalanthus occidentalis; report on tree identification walk; CR Marks bequest. 

12:2 April, 2011

Earthworms, Garlic Mustard, and White-tailed Deer: The Fate of Our Forests - B Blossey; swallowwort control update; Carex frankii - Frank’s Sedge, New to Tompkins County and the Cayuga Lake Basin - D Werier; grape vines; Cayuga Inlet lichen outing; mosses & liverworts at Five Wells; Acer negundo followup 

Volume: 11
Issue Month Summary
11:4 December, 2010

Carex baileyi-new addition to Cayuga Basin flora; Microstegium control in Six Mile Creek and Ithaca College's South Hill natural area and  Montezuma NWLR; report of talk on Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) & Asian Longhorn Beetles; Interview with Christopher Sprague, a region 7 DEC forester on Beaver Meadow State Forest efforts to reduce deer population.

11:3 October, 2010

new lichen report for NY state (Flavopunctelia soredica); request for website help; FLNPS financial report 9/2009-8/2010; profile of Phytolacca americana; white chicory (Cichorium intybus)