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Volume: 19
Issue Month Summary
19:3 September, 2018

Kentucky Yellowwood Revisited (Arieh Tal); Goldenrods of the Finger Lakes - a pictorial key (Adrianna Hirtler); Yellow Ladies’ Tresses (Spiranthes ochroleuca) - a new record for Schuyler County, N.Y.! (Julia Miller); Name That Plant Contest [American beech-Fagus grandifolia & Asclepias quadrifolia] (David Werier); A “White” Fringed Milkwort - Polygaloides paucifolia (Daniel Burnett); Name the Trees in This Photograph - Fagus grandifolia, Castanea dentata (Norm Trigoboff); A New Digital Key to Northeastern Composites by Arieh Tal;The Long-tailed Skipper, Another New Butterfly for the Finger Lakes Region (Sue Gregoire); A Fern Walk at Upper Treman State Park (Robert Dirig) with list of ferns found including Blunt-lobed Woodsia (Woodsia obtusa); A Trip to Jam Pond - photos & plant list (Anna Stalter); Plant Profile - Eastern Hemlock (Carri Marschner); Invertebrates/Humor - Clam Shrimp: The Egg Cream of Invertebrates (Vernon L. Pond)

19:2 June, 2018

Local Flora - Eupatorium serotinum — Have You Seen This Plant? (And What To Do If You Do See It!)
   (Rosemarie Parker, with Arieh Tal, David Werier, & Mike Hough)
Name That Plant Contest (David Werier) 
Letters (Dorothy Steifel, Charles R. Smith, Peter L. Marks, Julia Miller, Rosemarie Parker) 
Digital Images in Botany (Harold W. Gardner) 
Summer Flora - A Gallery of Catskill Ferns (Robert Dirig) plus a gallery of ferns outside the Catskills.

Frances Theodora Parsons, William L. Dix, Karl L. Brooks

Additional Fern Allies: Horsetails & Lycophytes; WOOD HORSETAIL (Equisetum sylvaticum), FLAT-BRANCHED TREE CLUBMOSS (Dendrolycopodium obscurum), SOUTHERN GROUND CEDAR (Diphasiastrum digitatum),STAGHORN CLUBMOSS (Lycopodium clavatum), COMMON BRISTLY CLUBMOSS, SHINING FIRMOSS (Huperzia lucidula), BLUE GROUND CEDAR (Disphasiastrum tristachyum), NORTHERN BOG CLUBMOSS (Lycopodiella inundata), HICKEY’S TREE CLUB-MOSS (Dendrolycopodium hickeyi).

19:1 March, 2018

Identifying an Undocumented Plant Species - Kentucky Yellowwood/Cladrastis kentukea (Arieh Tal)
Virginian Rock Polypody (Julia Miller)
Name That Plant Contest - Nodding Beggar Ticks/Bidens cernua (David Werier)
2017 Solstice Celebration Wild Foods Contest Winners (Gin Mistry, Carolyn Klass)
Letter (Will Kerling)
The White-M Hairstreak: A New Finger Lakes Butterfly (Robert Dirig)
2017 New York Rare Plant Status List Is Online (Steve Young)
Members’ Night 2018 Review (Anna Stalter)
New publication: Catalogue of the Vascular Plants of New York State, by David Werier
Ecology — In Anticipation of Spring! Spring Sunbathers on the Forest Floor (Robert Dirig)- toothwort white butterfly, etc.

Volume: 18
Issue Month Summary
18:4 December, 2017

Local Flora: Meadow Bottle Gentians on Connecticut Hill (Julia Miller); Which Maple Is This? (Arieh Tal); Woodwardia areolata in Tompkins County, N.Y. (Charles R. Smith & Norm Trigoboff); Name That Plant Contest [prior Sicyos angulatus] (David Werier); Nature Gallery: Wallpaper Design (Bald-faced Hornet); Wild Gardening: Unloved Plants (Rosemarie Parker); Reviews & Upcoming Publications: 1. Smith Woods—The Environmental History of an Old Growth Forest Remnant in Central New York State. (Charles R. Smith), 2. Catalogue of the Vascular Plants of New York State,by David Werier; FLNPS Calendar, Winter 2017 - 2018; Members’ Night Needs You!; 2017 Solstice Gathering (Rosemarie Parker)  14

18:3 October, 2017

Elderberry, The Caretaker (Akiva Silver); Defeating Japanese Stilt Grass with Aggressive Natives (Harold W. Gardner); Name That Plant Contest [prior=(Isotria verticillata)] (David Werier); Letters (Wild Indigo Duskywing -Bob Welsey,Hermit Sphinx caterpillars-Sandy Podulka & Meena Haribal, Gentianopsis crinita- Julia Miller);  A Beautiful Butterfly Predator, image Banded Garden Spider  (Robert Dirig); Glimpses of a Rare Native: Violet Wood Sorrel in the Finger Lakes [ Oxalis violacea] (Robert Dirig); An Unexpected Find (Solidago squarrosa) (Arieh Tal); Two Common and Under-collected Bryums [Bryum dichotomum, Bryum rubens] (Norm Trigoboff)

18:2 June, 2017

Wild Gardening: Hazelnuts — A Powerful Ally (Akiva Silver); Ellis Hollow Wetland Ramble; FLNPS Facebook site; Name That Plant Contest (Nyssa + new) (David Werier); Letters (Packera aurea, Viola rotundifolia); Plant Trivia Quiz & Answers (Norm Trigoboff); Poet’s Corner: Nasturtium (Mary Gilliland); Review of Hubbard Brook: The Story of a Forest Ecosystem (Stan Scharf); Photo Essay (Steven Daniel, Robert Dirig, Rick Lightbody, Betsy Crispell): Miniature Harbingers of Spring: Dwarf Mistletoe (Arceuthobium pusillum) on Black Spruce (Picea mariana), staminate flowers; Mendon Ponds, N.Y., 9 April 2017, S Daniel; American Beech (Fagus grandifolia), abundant catkins on browsed shoot sprouts, near Dryden,N.Y., 23 May 2006, R Dirig; False Mermaid Weed (Floerkea proserpina-coides); Shindagin Hollow, N.Y., 8 May 2015, R Lightbody; Boreal Club-Mushroom Lichen (Multiclavula mucida), a basidiomycete with a green algal base; Berkshire, N.Y.,1 March 2017, B Crispell

18:1 March, 2017

Wild Gardening/Ecology:I Am In Love with Indian Hemp! (M Haribal); Name That Plant Contest - Rhododendron maximum & Nyssa sylvatica (D Werier);  Letters ; Request for sightings of maritime sunburst lichen/Xanthoria parietina (JL Allen ); 2016 Solstice Gathering Photos (R Lightbody); Plant Trivia Quiz & Answers (N Trigoboff);  Annotated list of Cayuga Floras Available Online (CR Smith); Website hints (R Parker); Reprints of Solidago articles in other journals (A Silver, H Gardner); Natural History:  The Sassafras Path - remembrance of a rural Catskills, NY landscape & its ecology (R Dirig); Reviews: 2016 Solstice Best Native Recipe Award - Indiana Persimmon Pudding with Cinnamon Crème Anglaise (S Podulka) & Members’ Night 2017 recap (R Parker); Late Winter & Spring 2017 Calendar

Additional info on Apocyanum (Indian Hemp) article: interacting tritrophic species like spiders, wasps, ants, assassin bugs, etc.; Photos: Mason Wasp (Monobia quadridens), Hunchback Fly (Lepidophora lutea),Wasp-mimicking Fly (Physocephala furcillata), Acadian Hairstreak (Satyrium acadicum), Lesser Peach Tree Borer,(Synanthedon pictipes), Wavy-lined Emerald (Synchlora aerata), Dogbane Leaf Beetle (Chrysochus auratus), A tetratrophic interaction between a Running or Philodromid Crab Spider (Philodromidae), its Honey Bee (Apis mellifera) prey, and small scavenging flies, Brown-legged Grass Carrier Wasp (Isodontia auripes).

Volume: 17
Issue Month Summary
17:4 December, 2016

Velvet Foot Fungus (Julia Miller); Rhodotus palmatus (Steve Daniel); Name That Plant Contest (David Werier); Letters (Norm Trigoboff, F. Robert Wesley, Nancy Richards & Michael E. Lynch); Clute’s “Upper Susquehanna Flora” Reprint (Ken Hull); Poet’s Corner: Motherwort (Mary Gilliland);  Knight’s Plume Moss (Robert Dirig);Managing Microstegium in the Six Mile Creek Watershed (Brittany Lagaly); Japanese Stilt Grass: A Serious Pest (Hal Gardner);  Reviews:  The 2016 A. LeRoy Andrews Foray (Norm Trigoboff); An Illuminated Hand Lens for the Field BotanistWho Has Everything (Charles R. Smith); Restoration of the Albany Pine Bush Preserve (Rosemarie Parker); Uneven Ground (Akiva Silver); Natural History: Whispered Secrets of the Stone Wall (Robert Dirig)

17:3 September, 2016

Local Flora: Treasures of the Wayside, A Nod to Ladies’-Tresses (Robert Dirig);

A Shagbark’s Year (Robert Dirig);

Letters & Photos: Rhododendron maximum (Julia Miller), kudos (Colleen Wolpert), very large Juniperus virginiana (Stan Scharf);

Name That Plant Contest: Polygonatum pubescens & humped bladderwort (Utricularia gibba) (David Werier);

Invasive Stilt Grass at Six Mile Creek: Volunteers Needed (Anna Stalter);

Another Plant Puzzle: Phytolacca americana (Norm Trigoboff);

Strolling for Ferns: A FLNPS “Ramble” (Rosemarie Parker);

Poet’s Corner: Sylvan Anthem (Robert Dirig)

Misc photos: woodcuts - Populus deltoides, Birches (R Dirig)

17:2 June, 2016

Perfectly Coordinated—Wild Lupines and Karner Blues in New York (Robert Dirig)

Name That Plant Contest: Viburnum acerifolium, Polygonatum pubescens (David Werier);

Common bluet (Julia Miller), Haiku & photo of tree sap drinking butterflies (Steve Daniel);

NYFA’s 2016 Wildflower of the Year Polygaloides paucifolia;

FLNPS Is Now on Facebook (Anna Stalter);

Wild Ginger (Robert Dirig & Matthew Dirig);

Poet’s Corner: The Pond (Thelma Turner) & Dog Day Harvestfly (Mary Gilliland) & Flight (Thelma Turner);

Book Reviews: Wildflowers of New England (Arieh Tal) & Wildflowers of Tennessee (Charles R. Smith) & Thoreau’s Wildflowers (Geoff Wisner);

Misc. drawings & photos: Azures (Celastrina sp.) and Water Forget-Me-Not (Myosotis scorpioides) & Marsh Bellflower (Campanula aparinoides) & Swamp Rose (Rosa palustris) by R. Dirig

17:1 March, 2016

Getting to Know the Pussytoes of New York State, Genus Antennaria (Asteraceae)(Arieh Tal); Name That Plant Contest: Dissected Grapefern (Botrychium dissectum), (David Werier); Letters (Charles R. Smith - Dudley's Cayuga Flora available; Arieh Tal - Re: Black Locust); 2016 Wildflower of the Year Polygala paucifolia; What Is It? - Stickseed (Mary Weiss-Andersson); Lichen Photos (Betsy Crispell); Reviews:Solstice Celebration 2015 (Rosemarie Parker); Winning Solstice Recipes (R. Parker; D. Werier & S. Brown; B., S., & L. Podulka); Members’ Night, January 2016 (Rosemarie Parker); Plant Ecology: The American Lady’s Interactions with Everlastings (Robert Dirig)

Volume: 16
Issue Month Summary
16:4 December, 2015

Black Locust Trees, A Slightly Controversial Topic (Akiva Silver); Insect Larval Associates of Black Locust (Robert Dirig); Name That Plant Contest :Low Bindweed (Calystegia spithamaea) (David Werier); Letters (Julia Miller: Spiranthes, Don H. Miller, Colleen Wolpert Turk's Captur Lily & Swallowtails, & Mary Weiss-Andersson); The Bailey Hortorium Herbarium Needs You! (Anna Stalter); FLNPS Is Now on Facebook (Anna Stalter); Wild Gardening New at the Mundy Wildflower Garden: Native Plant Restoration of The Gabions Area (Krissy Boys); Photo Essay: Faces in the Forest! (Norm Trigoboff & Annie Wall); Upcoming FLNPS Talks & Activities: Annual Solstice Gathering (Rosemarie Parker, FLNPS Members’ Night (Rick Lightbody)

16:3 September, 2015

Butterfly Pollinators of Eastern North American Lilies (Richard M. Adams, II, with Robert Dirig); Name That Plant Contest ginseng(David Werier); FLNPS Participates in the New England Botanical Club’s 120th Anniversary Celebration (David Werier); Frost Grape (Vitis riparia) (Robert Dirig); It’s So Bad, It’s Good! (Cliff Brake / Scott LaGreca); Importance of Leaf Distribution in Identification of Species (Arieh Tal)

16:2 June, 2015

Subspecies of Jack-in-the-Pulpit (Arisaema triphyllum) in Central New York (Michael Hough); Agrimonia parviflora in Name That Plant Contest (David Werier); Letters (Stanley Scharf, Steve Daniel); Quercus dandlyonii (Rosemarie Parker); The 2015 Spring Plant Sale; Remembrance: Merry Jo Bauer ; Wild Foods- Common Hackberry: The Most Under-rated,Incredible, Edible Tree (Akiva Silver); Essay- Do Plants Dance, Prance, and Wear Pants? (Norm Trigoboff); Review- Ithaca Native Landscape Symposium, March 2015 (Gin Mistry & Rosemarie Parker); Ecology- The Three Hackberry Butterflies of the Finger Lakes (Robert Dirig); Save Our Ashes (Anna Stalter); Winged Giants of Night, Rarely Seen, But Common (Robert Dirig)

16:1 March, 2015

January Members’ Night recap (R Parker); Name That Plant Contest (D Werier) Red Oak & Agrimony; Letters  (C Wolpert & A Silver/Sumac followup, S Daniel); Drawing - Snowdrops (Ernst Koie); Eating Chestnuts (A Silver); A Poetic Photo Essay - Nettles, including butterfly associates (R Dirig); Spreading the Natives — Sharing Seeds and Plants for Education (R Parker), Ganondagon State Historic Site, Cayuga Nature Center; Poet’s Corner - Sycamore on Six Mile Creek (K Hull)

Volume: 15
Issue Month Summary
15:4 December, 2014

Staghorn Sumac: Plant Profile & Rhus Recipes [butterflies & beetles & uses of](R Dirig); Name That Plant -  Hibiscus moscheutos (D Werier); Letters (C Wolpert, JF Cryan,& R Ludgate); False Earthstars Addendum - see Solidago 15:3 (R Dirig); Illustration of Tiffany Sumac Window; Native Plants and Food (A Silver); Outing Polson Preserve (G Mistry, N Goldberg, & JD Knapp); ESSAY The Potential Role of Epigenetics in the Origin of Regional Ecotypes [grasses, Monarda, Solidago](HW Gardner); A Poetic Puzzle - Elvenscript [Lichen](R Dirig)

15:3 September, 2014

False Earthstars, Astraeus hygrometricus (Pers.) Morgan (R Dirig); sugar maple(D Werier); Haunts of the Hollow Hickory (N Trigoboff); Oh! Starry Earth, watercolor, Polytrichum & Cladonia (N Cleavitt); Like Bees? Grow Allium cernuum (R Parker); The Benefits of Bare Root Trees; apple, mulberry, persimmon (Akiva Silver); Book Reviews: Field Guide to the New England Alpine Summits (Slack & Bell, reviewed by N Trigoboff); Bumble Bees of North America (P Williams et al) & Where to Find Damselflies and Dragonflies in the Cayuga Lake Region (M Haribal, both reviewed by Bill Evans); Larval Jack-in-the-Boxes: Silver-spotted Skipper, Spicebush Swallowtail (R Dirig)

15:2 June, 2014

Richard Fisher Environmental Conservation Award & oak planting ceremony; Cornus florida; goodbye to Charlotte; request for FLLT gardener; Common Butterwort (Pinguicula vulgaris); Onondaga Lake Bioblitz, history of the lake and botanical richness; Shingled Rock Shield -Xanthoparmelia viriduloumbrina illusration; historic 1882 Botany exam; red summer flowers; Cherry Gall Azure (Celastrina serotina) & Harvester Butterfly (Feniseca tarquinius), ERIOPHYID MITES (Phytoptus cerasicrumena;  Sustainable Tompkins award; National Moth Week; Ithaca Native Landscape Symposium report-Daryl Morrison, Robert Grese on historic landscaping, Tom Whitlow on salt marsh restoration, Mark Whitmore on Emerald Ash Borer & Hemlock Wooly Adelgid, Karen Gabrielson garden at SUNY Orange, Katherine Wolf project at Niagra, Jim Engles garden at Lagoon Park Canandaigua, Rick Manning on Cayuga Waterfront Trail, Dan Segal on favorite natives for gardens, Heather Connelly on native bees, Janet Allen on pollinators, Tim Noon on controlled burns

15:1 March, 2014

Hardy butterflies (mourning cloak, eastern & grey comma, Compton's & Milton's tortoiseshell); Caulophyllum giganteum; Athyrium species sori & sporangia; Autumn dandelions (Taraxacum)and Sulphur butterflies (response to 14:4); Solstice meeting report & winning recipe (lemon dumplings with elderberry sauce); White pine blister rust & ribes (currents, gooseberries) with photographs from Cornell Plant Pathology Herbarium; Plant Profile-Mayapple; Issues with Soil & Water Conservation Sales: species selection (natives, invasives).

Volume: 14
Issue Month Summary
14:4 December, 2013

Dandelion, Taraxicum officinale, as a food source for Sulphur butterflies, life cycle of local sulphurs (R. Dirig); Hypericum ascyron (name that plant - D. Werier); coir vs. peat for soil-less mix (letter to ed.); Diploschistes gypsaceus - A Crater Lichen New to New York State, Scott LaGreca; American persimmon, Diospyros virginiana (A. Silver); American Plants for American Gardens by Edith A. Roberts & Elsa Rehmann, book review (William Plummer); Yucca Moth (poem, R. Dirig & drawing, John F. Cryan); Calico Aster, poem by K. Hull; NY DEC Proposal for invasive species (A. Stalter); Hemlock Wooley Adelgid, HWA in Six Mile Creek.