Violet Walk


Saturday, May 7, 2016 - 1:00pm to Sunday, May 8, 2016 - 12:45pm




Upper Buttermilk Park, meet at Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE), 615 Willow Ave, Ithaca


Mike Hough


As follow-up to his lecture on native violets, Mike Hough will lead a walk at Upper Buttermilk Park, where several species can be found. Mike will focus on identifying common violets of the Finger Lakes and other spring wildflowers. If time allows we may travel to another site nearby. Meet at CCE at 1:00 pm to carpool to the site. Parking fees may be in effect at the park, but you can meet the group at the parking lot for Upper Buttermilk (next to the playground) by 1:20pm. 


What a wonderful spot for an early spring walk!  Lush, lovely - so many great ephemerals, ferns, and of course, violets.  We saw at least 7 species of Viola and one hybrid violet within a relatively short walk.  The photo is of the Viola rostrata hybrid, by Mike Hough.


Particularly interesting or prominent species are listed to the right. The list below covers all the plants "well identified" on the walk. Listings with just a genus, no specific epithet (e.g. Genus sp.) should be taken as indicative of the environment only. We did not take the time to key these plants completely, important features were not visible, etc. but there was general agreement on the genus.


Plants seen at Upper Buttermilk State Park, 5/17/2016 – Mike Hough, walk leader

Scientific Name

Common Name


Acer pensylvanicum

striped maple, moosewood


Adiantum pedatum

maidenhair fern


Alliaria petiolata

garlic mustard

not native, in flower

Allium tricoccum

wild leeks, ramps


Anemone acutiloba

sharp-lobed hepatica

in flower

Anemone quinquefolia

Wood anemone


Antennaria plantaginifolia


in flower

Aquilegia canadensis

wild columbine


Arisaema triphyllum



Asarum canadense

wild ginger

in flower

Asplenium trichomanes

maidenhair spleenwort


Caltha palustris

marsh marigold

in flower

Cardamine concatenata

cut-leaved toothwort


Cardamine diphylla

two-leaved toothwort

in flower

Cardamine douglassii

purple cress

in flower

Cardamine hirsuta

hairy bitter-cress

not native, in flower

Cardamine maxima

hybrid of cut-leaved & two-leaved toothwort

in flower

Carpinus caroliniana

musclewood, American hornbeam


Caulophyllum giganteum

blue cohosh

in flower

Climacium americanum

tree moss

with sporophytes

Cystopteris cf. fragilis

fragile fern


Dicentra canadense

squirrel corn

in flower

Dicentra cucullaria

Dutchman’s breeches

in flower

Draba verna


in flower

Dryopteris mariginalis

marginal wood fern


Equisetum hyemale ssp. affine

common scouring rush


Erythronium americanum

trout lily

in flower

Eurybia divaricata

white wood aster

not in flower

Geranium maculatum

wild geranium

in flower

Geum fragarioides

barren wild strawberry


Glechoma hederacea

gill-over-the-ground, creeping Charlie

not native, in flower

Heracleum maximum

cow parsnip


Hydrophyllum canadense

Canada waterleaf

leaves, nearly palmate

Hydrophyllum virginianum

Virginia waterleaf

leaves, pinnate

Impatiens capensis

jewelweed, touch-me-not


Lamium purpureum

purple dead-nettle

not native, in flower

Laportea canadensis

wood nettle


Lindera benzoin


not in bloom (past?)

Liriodendron tulipifera

tulip tree


Luzula acuminata

wood rush

in flower

Maianthemum canadense

Canada mayflower


Maianthemum racemosum

false Solomon’s-seal

leaves, buds

Mertensia virginica

Virginia bluebells

in flower

Micranthes virginiensis

early saxifrage

Saxifraga virginiensis

Mitchella repens


leaves, last year's fruit

Mitella diphylla

miterwort, bishop’s cap

in flower

Myosotis stricta


in flower

Osmorhiza claytonii

sweet cicely, Clayton's sweetroot

in flower

Phlox divaricata

woodland phlox

in flower

Phlox subulata

moss phlox

in flower

Podophyllum peltatum



Polygaloides paucifolia

gay-wings, fringed polygala

in flower

Polygonatum pubescens

downy Solomon’s seal


Polypodium virginianum

rock polypody


Polystichum acrostichoides

Christmas fern


Populus deltoides

eastern cottonwood

in flower

Ranunculus abortivus

kidney-leaf buttercup

in flower

Ranunculus hispidus

hispid buttercup

in flower

Ribes americanum

wild black currant

native, shrub, in flower

Ribes cynosbati

prickly gooseberry

native, shrub, in flower

Sanguinaria canadensis


leaf, past bloom

Solidago caesia

blue-stemmed goldenrod, wreath goldenrod

not in flower

Solidago flexicaulis

zig-zag goldenrod

not in flower

Stellaria media

common chickweed

not native, in flower

Symplocarpus foetidus

skunk cabbage

leaves, past anthesis

Taenidia integerrima

yellow pimpernel

coming into bloom

Thalictrum dioicum

early meadow rue

in flower

Thalictrum thalictroides

rue anemone

in flower

Tiarella cordifolia


in flower

Trilium erectum

red trillium

in flower

Trillium grandiflorum

large-flowered white trillium

in flower

Tsuga candensis

eastern hemlock


Tussilago farfara


not native, in flower

Uvularia grandiflora

large-flowered bellwort

in flower

Uvularia perfoliata

perfoliate bellwort

in flower

Uvularia sessilifolia

sessile-leaved bellwort, wild-oats

in flower

Veronica filiformis

slender speedwell

not native, in flower

Viola canadensis

Canada violet

in flower

Viola labradorica

American dog violet

in flower

Viola pallens

northern white violet

in flower

Viola pubescens var. scabriuscula

smooth yellow violet

in flower

Viola rostrata

long-spurred violet

in flower

Viola rostrata hybrid (1)

see note below

in flower

Viola sororia

common blue violet

in flower

Viola striata

creamy violet, striped violet

in flower

  1. 1. Stemmed purple violet, long spur but shorter than V. rostrata, bearded. Most likely a hybrid. Probably either V. labradorica x V. rostrata (Viola xmalteana, Malt's violet) or V. rostrata x V. striata (Viola xbrauniae, Lucy Braun's violet)